Travis Jenson Sheep

The 2021 hunting season is behind us and it’s time to start looking forward to the 2022 application and banquet/convention seasons.  Utah WSF had a very successful 2021 banquet in Saint George this past May and we are looking forward to continuing the grown of our banquet from both an attendance and revenue perspective going forward.  Please see the banquet section of the magazine for additional information.  Our 2022 banquet is scheduled for Saturday, April 9th at the Salt Lake City Sheraton, so please mark that date on your calendar!

As Utah WSF continues to expand and improve as an organization, it is exciting to see some of the long-term projects that we have been working on coming to fruition.  The creation of the Desert Bighorn Sheep nursery herd was recently announced with coverage in both print and live news outlets, with the intent to transplant in 2022.  Additionally, the guzzler inspection and maintenance program has made fantastic progress addressing water needs of our wild sheep herds throughout the State.  Special thanks to Utah WSF Board Member Brett Miller for taking the lead on this project.

As we continue to work towards the expansion of Utah’s wild sheep herds, 2022 should be a busy transplant season, with focus on establishing the DBS nursery herd and supplementing the Mineral Mountains and Antelope Island herds.  Longer term, we are looking to supplement the Range Creek herd and establish a new RMB herd on the Pahvant.

Through the Utah DWR wildlife working group our relationships with the DWR, partner conservation groups and the agricultural community are showing huge dividends in advancing our organizations mission statement.

With populations of Desert, California and Rocky Mountain Bighorns in Utah at all time highs, and resultant permit numbers continuing to increase, it is certainly exciting to see the progress our organization is making statewide.  Special thanks to the Utah DWR and its great employees, SFW and our other conservation partners, the Utah WSF Board of Directors for their commitment and support, along with many others that have committed their time, monies and other resources to helping put and keep sheep on Utah’s mountains.

As Utah WSF continues to implement its committee based approach to wildlife conservation, we are always looking for passionate, motivated individuals to help further the cause.  If you or someone you know is passionate about wild sheep conservation and willing to commit their time for the benefit of wild sheep in Utah, please contact us at   


Travis Jenson
President, Utah WSF