Travis Jenson Sheep

As the newly elected President of Utah Wild Sheep Foundation, I would like to thank previous President, Adam Bronson, for his time and commitment to the organization over the last several years.

As President, my responsibilities include managing the day to day operations of the organization and implementing the goals and objectives of the Board of Directors, consistent with the Utah WSF mission statement.  Additionally, I will be representing the Utah WSF membership on both a regional and national level.
I have been instructed by the Board of Directors to focus my efforts in the following areas:

    • Growth and expansion of our membership base and annual banquet, which will lead to increased fundraising opportunities.
    • Communication with and recognition of our membership.  Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. The goal of the Board of Directors is to make them feel informed, included, and recognized for their commitment to UFNAWS and the conservation of Wild Sheep.
    • Increased social media presence.  We will expand our platform and brand recognition through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and UtahFNAWS.org.  If you are active on social media, please follow and share our respective sites to help us broaden our social media network.
    • Conservation and expansion of Utah’s wild sheep herds.  We will work with our partners at the Utah DWR, other regional wildlife agencies, affiliate FNAWS and WSF Chapters, and other conservation organizations to address the issues facing Wild Sheep in Utah and throughout the Western United States.  
I am honored to represent the membership and Board of Directors of Utah FNAWS and to be given the opportunity to lead the organization into the future. I know that the passion for Wild Sheep and the places they live runs very deep within us all!  I am committed to representing Utah FNAWS at the highest level and furthering our mutual desire to “Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain.”


Travis Jenson
President, Utah WSF