Utah WSF Endowment Fund


In 2018 the Utah WSF Endowment Fund was established.  This process included creation of:  an Endowment Fund policy document; an independent financial advisory board; and the retention of a professional financial advisor at Merrill Lynch.  In the last 3 years the balance of our fund has grown by over 30%.

2020 was the perfect example of why an endowment fund is critical to the future of Utah WSF.  Without the ability to host a banquet our organization lost an entire year of fundraising revenue.  As a result, we were forced to be very conservative in our utilization of retained revenue.

In order to guarantee our ability to complete habitat projects, transplants and ensure the future of wild sheep in Utah, Utah WSF has to be able to fund projects on an annual basis.  Our endowment fund is limited by policy to using the earnings from the fund for operating expenses.  Principle balances are protected and disbursements from earnings must be approved by both the Financial Advisory Board and the General Board of Utah WSF.  Our goal is to continue to grow our current modest principal balance so that in time, the fund will be able to guarantee that UWSF will always to be able to operate and that these critical wild sheep projects can and will be funded.

While of course cash contributions are accepted we can also accept appreciated stock contributions.  Donating appreciated stocks allows an individual to avoid capital gains and still get the full value donated as a charitable contribution.