Travis Jenson - President

Travis Jenson Utah Wild Sheep Foundation President

Travis Jenson was born in Salt Lake City, UT and currently reside in Park City, UT. Travis is a father of two and considers family his most cherished relationships.  He graduated from Cottonwood High School and then with Honors from Westminster College, BS in Biology (1995).  Travis worked and eventually operated a successful merger and acquisition company (1995-2014), eventually becoming President and Director.  He is currently employed by the Park City School District as an Assistant Football Coach. Exercise and the out of doors have always been a priority and combining the two is even more fulfilling.  His passion for the aforementioned began at a young age with the support of his parents and with his older brother and two cousins as partners in adventure.  His hobbies include biking, skiing, water sport’s and of course, hunting and fishing.  Spot and stalk archery hunting for Mule Deer bucks would have to be at the top of the list, though, along with the pursuit of wild sheep.   Travis has even been fortunate enough to harvest a Dalls sheep with archery equipment as well.  Waterfowl hunting has become a focus and as a member of the Chesapeake Duck Club (2000-2015), he served as a Board Member (2010-2015), Clubhouse Manager and Vice President. His first sheep hunt was in Utah (1991) when his mother was lucky enough to draw a Desert tag for the North San Rafael unit.

Travis harvested his first ram, an Alberta Rocky, in 1998.  The pursuit of his Full Curl took 17 years to accomplish.  However, he had been applying for sheep in his home state of Utah for 27 years before drawing a permit in 2015, which successfully finished his Full Curl.  Travis has been fortunate enough to harvest nine sheep and has been on numerous other sheep hunts with friends and family.

Travis is a life member of Utah WSF, WSF and DU. His passion for Wild Sheep, from both a hunting and conservation perspective, runs very deep.  The term “passing it forward” is very important to him as well and he truly enjoys spending time enriching the lives of the next generation.  Part of his desire in assisting Utah WSF to execute its Mission Statement is to ensure the same hunting and conservation opportunities for his children as he has been fortunate enough to experience. Travis looks forward to serving on the Board of Directors of Utah WSF and contributing to furthering the Mission Statement of the Organization.