Spencer Ellison - Board Member

 Spencer Ellison Utah Wild Sheep Foundation Board Member

Growing up in American Fork, UT at the base of the Wasatch mountains Spencer very early on developed a wonder for the outdoors and wilderness. That curiosity was cultivated further by his father and longtime Utah WSF member Rick Ellison. Spencer’s passion for fishing, hunting, and wildlife, in general, grew exponentially after skipping school in 2000 to attend a WSF funded release of bighorn sheep along the foothills of Mount Timpanogos. This event truly made an impact on his life and essentially helped direct his schooling all the way through college. In 2010, Spencer graduated from Utah State University with honors in Wildlife Ecology and Management. After graduating he began a career in wildlife management at the state level but after some years Spencer ultimately decided to change directions to own and operate a landscape construction company in Utah Valley. While not professionally involved in wildlife biology and management it is still very strong to his core. Spencer is always looking for ways to make a difference by being involved and keeping up to date with current wildlife issues and research.

The passion for hunting and fishing is as strong as ever for Spencer and is always on his mind. Mule deer, elk, and other game have all been an interest but wild sheep and the pursuit of them has been the pinnacle of his fascination. In 2004, while accompanying his father Rick on his first-ever sheep hunt in Wyoming, Spencer along with his dad developed “Sheep Fever”. After that adventure, they became almost obsessed with sheep. Later in 2009 Spencer too got his own taste for sheep hunting when he drew and later harvested a Desert Bighorn in Utah. From there Spencer and his father were both able to harvest beautiful Dall Sheep in 2010. While Spencer has yet to finish his own Full Curl, he feels blessed to have been able to accompany his father on his. He hopes someday to finish his own but finds helping others on their own pursuit to be just as fulfilling.

Wild sheep and sheep hunting have made a large impact on Spencer’s life for the better. It has made him have a greater appreciation for our world’s natural and wildlife resources, especially sheep. He is passionate that we as hunters and users of these resources should be stewards of the land. He feels grateful for the great work Utah Wild Sheep Foundation has accomplished in the past and is optimistic about our work to preserve and further expanding the species in our great state. 

Spencer currently resides in Eagle Mountain, UT with his beautiful wife Jaycie and their delightful son Emmett. His young and growing family is the central part of his life and ultimately nothing comes before them, even sheep hunting. Spencer looks forward to the day when his son and future children are old enough that he too can share the same love and passion he gained, from his father, for wildlife and the hunting heritage.