Kristin Hunsaker - Board Member

Kristin Hunsaker Utah Wild Sheep Foundation Board Member

Sheep fever was instilled in Kristin at a young age as she watched her dad (Ken Davis Grand Slam #522) complete his Grand Slam/Full Curl through many years of hard work and dedication as well as personal and financial sacrifice. Knowing that she would one day also want to embark on this journey, she began applying for a Utah Desert tag. Thirteen years later her time had come. Kristin was in Alaska working for the summer when she got the news and was able to book a last minute Dall Sheep hunt and harvest a nice, pretty ram before returning to Utah to find her Desert Sheep.  Two notched sheep tags within 40 days sends sheep fever into overdrive, in case you’re wondering!! Three years later she took a beautiful Rocky in an unlimited unit in Montana. And finally after putting every extra penny she made from three jobs into her 40-inch Stone Sheep fund, she was able to book a BC hunt. In 2003 Kristin completed her Grand Slam/Full Curl (Grand Slam #1109 and Lady Slam #27) with an incredibly stunning, dark 40-inch Stone.

She has since had the great honor of being inducted into the Full Curl Hall of Fame along with her dad and my brother (Kenny Davis Grand Slam #1263) who finished his Slam/Curl shortly after herself.  Having had the great fortune of being raised by an extremely ethical hunting family and community of true conservationists she has had the privilege to learn from and serve with a wide range of amazing wildlife stewards and groups who put wildlife management before all else. Kristin has been a member of, supported and served within SFW since it’s beginning, is a long-time member of Utah WSF and her family was awarded the Utah WSF Family of the Year Award in 1994.

Kristin graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Exercise Science and later became a Sports Massage Therapist. She has been blessed to work with a variety of collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes. However, her passion is teaching and she has taught and consulted with several massage therapy schools and served as the Director of the Massage Therapy Program at the College of Southern Nevada where she focused her instruction on Anatomy and the Cadaver studies.

Kristin currently is living in Holladay, Utah and working with kids with special needs in the Granite School District.  She is also developing a Continuing Education Association for professional health providers. Kristin is married with an amazing mixed family that includes her nine-year-old daughter, 3 married stepchildren and 8 grandchildren! Her next sheep quest is an Archery Slam/Full Curl and to keep the fire burning within her daughter to follow in her mama’s footsteps.  Kristin feels it is an honor to serve as a Board Member of Utah WSF and she is excited to be a part of making sheep hunting dreams come true and Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain.