Gordon Tattersall - Board Member

 George Tattersall - Board Member Utah WSF

Ever since I was a young boy, hunting for birds and big game has been a big part of my life. I remember harvesting my first big game animal, which was a 2 point mule deer buck, and realizing that hunting was not only something that I was going to enjoy for the rest of my life, but it was going to be a true passion of mine. Since harvesting that first buck, I have had the great opportunity and privilege to hunt many different species of game in many states and in a few different countries. My first sheep hunting opportunity came in 2003 when I was lucky and fortunate enough to draw a Utah Desert Bighorn sheep permit. It was an experience that has been one of the most special and memorable hunting experiences that I have had to date. After scouting, pursuing, and hunting these rugged sheep. I was able to harvest a very respectable ram. This hunting experience not only gave me the sheep hunting “bug”, but it has led me to develop a passion and love for the different species of North American wild sheep. The following year, luck struck again, and I was able to draw a TOK management Dall’s sheep tag in Alaska. Again, this opportunity provided me with a very special ram and an unforgettable experience. Even though I have had many awesome hunting opportunities, the greatest hunting experiences of my life, are the times that I have spent with my son in the woods, swamps, and cornfields. Watching him learn to hunt, improve his skills, and develop a love and appreciation for wildlife, has been priceless! 

Throughout my life, I have had the great opportunity to work with different organizations to support and help wildlife. I have worked with the NWTF, the Full Curl Society, and now I am honored and humbled with the opportunity to help put sheep on the mountain and work with the Utah WSF. I believe, that we as hunters, should not only have the opportunity to hunt, pursue, and enjoy wildlife, but we also have the responsibility to help improve wildlife populations and improve the habitat for the many species that we love. We need to make sure that the future generations are able to experience and enjoy the wildlife opportunities like we have been able to experience.

On a personal note, I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. I have a wonderful wife that has been very supportive of my passions and hobbies for 32 years. I have 3 children that have been involved in sports, dance, and various outdoor activities, and my kids have been the joy of my life. As far as hobbies, besides fishing and hunting, I enjoy golf, skiing, running, and many outdoor activities.

Again, I am very honored to be a part of this fantastic organization, and I look forward to working with you to help put sheep on the mountain!